Nexus Leadership:
Combined Excellence and Expertise

Executive Leadership

Michelle Murray, Interim CEO

Dr. Michelle K. Murray joined Nexus in 2010 and currently serves as the Chief Clinical Officer, Vice President of Clinical Services, and Interim CEO. Murray is responsible for establishing consistency in clinical services through training and development, while setting the clinical direction for all services and programming across the Nexus continuum.


Hilke S. Riechardt-Martinez, Chief Financial Officer & Vice President of Finance

Hilke Riechardt-Martinez joined Nexus in 2017 as Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer. Riechardt-Martinez is responsible for developing, implementing, and auditing compliance with all financial policies and procedures, assuring Nexus' compliance with all contract, state, and federal standards and regulations, and developing, implementing, and managing final review of site budgets.


Jennifer McIntosh, Vice President of Human Resources

Jennifer McIntosh joined Nexus in 2012 as the Director of Human Resources, and currently serves as Vice President of Human Resources. McIntosh is responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring the effectiveness of Nexus Human Resources policies and procedures throughout the organization while also ensuring Nexus’ compliance with federal, state, and licensing compliance areas relating to employment law.


Executive Directors

Mary Ann Berg

Indian Oaks Academy

Mary Ann Berg served in various leadership positions at Indian Oaks Academy, including Clinical Supervisor, Clinical Director, Program Manager at Chrysalis, and Associate Director, before being named Executive Director in 2017. She has also been a strong advocate for LGBTQ programming on campus and in the surrounding community.


Jason Donahue

Mille Lacs Academy

Jason Donahue joined Mille Lacs Academy in June 2011 as Associate Director, and, in February 2015, was promoted to Executive Director. Prior to joining Nexus, Donahue worked in direct care, leadership, management, and consultation in behavioral health settings across several states, including Iowa, Missouri, Texas, Alabama, and Tennessee.


George Hendrickson

Kindred Family Focus

George Hendrickson was the CEO of Kindred Family Services when it merged with Nexus in 2012. In January 2014, Kindred Family Services and Family Focus, Inc., merged to become Kindred Family Focus, and Hendrickson was named Executive Director of the new entity. He has worked in social services since 1974 in multiple positions, including Unit Supervisor, Social Worker, Area Director, Regional Director, and Executive Director.


Brent Henry

Gerard Academy

Brent Henry has worked for the Gerard Treatment Programs for over 34 years and has been Gerard Academy’s Executive Director since 2000. Henry ensures the fiscal responsibility of the site, facilitates a culture that promotes growth, and maintains the high-quality services that are delivered to youth and their families at Gerard Academy.


Dr. William A. Metcalfe


Dr. William A. Metcalfe began PATH in North Dakota in 1994, and has been instrumental in developing family-based services throughout North Dakota and Minnesota. Dr. Metcalfe has been involved in furthering family therapy and systemic views in treatment foster care and other programming at PATH in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Idaho.


Dennis Wiley

Onarga Academy

Dennis Wiley began working at Onarga Academy in 1993 as a Clinical Supervisor. In 1995, he was promoted to Clinical Director and then Acting Executive Director; in 1996, he was promoted to Executive Director. Prior to joining Onarga Academy, he worked with both adults and adolescents as a mental health specialist, family therapist, and program manager.


Elizabeth Williams

Nexus Glen Lake

Elizabeth Williams worked in mental health for 11 years, serving in various levels of care, including shelter care, group home, inpatient psychiatric units, in-home care, day treatment, residential programs, and private practice before joining Nexus Glen Lake as the Clinical Director in August 2017. She was promoted to Associate Director of the site in April 2018.


Anthony Wilson

Woodbourne Center

Anthony Wilson joined Woodbourne Center in 2014 as Interim Executive Director of the facility’s residential treatment and treatment foster care, and was named Executive Director in 2015. Prior to joining Woodbourne, Wilson served as CEO of Rock River Academy and Residential Center in Rockford, IL, and worked at Indian Oaks Academy in Manteno, IL, as a Clinical Supervisor and Clinical Director from 2009-2013.



Nancy Baldrica

Director of Marketing and Communications

Baldrica is responsible for planning, development, and implementation of the organization’s marketing strategies, marketing communications, media, and public relations activities, both external and internal.


Joelene Evenson

Director of Development MN

Evenson sources, develops, and manages a portfolio of donors, donor prospects, and cause-related fundraising opportunities, and develops and manages fundraising events and grant opportunities for all Nexus Minnesota business units.


Jeff Hansen

Director of Business and Government Relations

Hansen develops and maintains policies and programs to ensure that the organization’s interests are represented and protected in legislative proceedings and in the development of market rules and procedures.


Bill Kerzman

Director of Community Based Services

Kerzman supports Nexus community-based clinical and program needs and training, monitors adherence to state licensing regulations and Council on Accreditation’s standards, and coordinates and assists in the design of continuous quality improvement activities related to community-based programming. He also oversees the use of Nexus electronic health records.


Kent Kogler

Director of Information Technology

Kogler provides information technology leadership for the organization by leading research, planning/development, and implementation of Nexus’ IT goals and initiatives and activities.


Paula Minske

Director of Clinical Services

Minske works closely with all Nexus site Clinical Directors to offer support and services through training and consulting and to maintain clinical excellence by meeting quality assurance standards. Minske also oversees the Nexus Glen Lake program, the CTSS program, Mille Lacs Academy clinical programming to achieve youth and family outcomes set by the organization.


Becky Schedin

Director of Quality Improvement and Research

Schedin establishes and monitors performance improvement/quality assurance activities throughout Nexus to ensure staff implement approved policies and procedures and are in compliance with all regulatory and agency requirements.


We're Celebrating!
Corey is looking for a permanent home

Corey is looking for a permanent home

Jack Ewing, Nexus Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, Retires

Jack Ewing VP of Business Development and Marketing Retires


Indian Oaks Academy TOOL BASH IS BACK!

 Gerard Academy and Hormel Historic Home Celebrate Shared Heritage with King’s Wood Dinner Fundraiser

Gerard Academy and the Hormel Historic Home King’s Wood Dinner on Saturday, May 19, 2018

Crisis Nursery 20th Annual Spring Fundraiser

Crisis Nursery 20th Annual Spring Fundraiser

Join us for the 24th Annual Onarga Academy Classic 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament!

24th Annual Onarga Academy Classic 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament!

Indian Oaks Academy Names New Clinical Director

Indian Oaks Academy Names New Clinical Director

Coats of Many Colors

Gerard Academy’s Coats of Many Colors

Onarga Academy names Leya Barrett as Clinical Director

Onarga Academy names Leya Barrett as Clinical Director

Gerard Academy Names Employee Ambassador of the Year

Gerard Academy Names Employee Ambassador of the Year

Program Changes

Onarga Program Changes

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The Library
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Family Matters
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