Our Practice Model Makes Perfect

No matter where your child is treated within the Nexus system, you can be assured you’ll receive the high-level services we define as “Nexus.”

The Nexus Practice Model guides our interactions with you and your child so we can work with intention toward Safety, Permanency, and Well-being for you and your family.

This is the Nexus Difference.

Nexus Practice Principles


Nexus considers the demonstration and integration of values to be foundational to how we relate to the youth, families, and communities we serve. We believe that choices are better influenced by values than rules, and that integrating values into daily living leads to emotional, behavioral, and relational growth.


Nexus recognizes that positive change can only be achieved with relationships that are built on consistent engagement, trust, unconditional respect, and a willingness to listen and learn. Healthy relationships lead to effective partnerships and lay the foundation for successful outcomes.


Nexus’ practices and service delivery builds upon each youth and family’s skills, resources, and needs. Interventions, approaches and goals are individualized and strengths-focused to promote and utilize the resiliency of those we serve.


Nexus continually endeavors to enhance our capacity to better understand those we work with and serve, and to integrate their values and cultural practices. We seek to recognize, affirm, and respond respectfully to youth, families, staff, and community partners of all races, ethnic backgrounds, socio-economic status, sexual orientations, gender expressions, and faiths.


Nexus understands that many of those we serve have a history of trauma. Our staff and foster caregivers are committed to creating safe environments that are sensitive to trauma reactions. We recognize, assess, and respond to the needs of those we serve by providing trauma-informed interventions and education that helps manage related symptoms and supports youth and families’ recovery from traumatic experiences.


Nexus places a high priority on a family’s needs, circumstances, and preferences in practice and policy decisions. Families are engaged as equal partners in the care of their children. They are recognized as experts in identifying the needs of their child and family. Learn more about Nexus Family-Drive Care, here.


Nexus staff and foster caregivers involve youth in developing their goals and support plans. Youths’ voices and choices are at the heart of Nexus practices and decision-making; we value youths’ preferences and requests about daily care and interventions.


Nexus invests time and resources to build the skills and competencies of youth, families, foster caregivers, and staff. We collaborate with those we serve to develop their social skills, emotional capacities, cognitive functioning, and problem-solving abilities so they can achieve sustainable success in school, community, and life.


Nexus uses internal data as well as the best available research and practices to mold our services. We use evidence to inform decision-making at all levels of the organization so we have the highest likelihood of supporting youth and families’ long-term success.


Nexus recognizes that the ultimate purpose of the organization is to improve the safety, permanency, and well-being outcomes of the youth and families we serve. Our services and programs are guided by measurable goals and objectives that are transparent, consistent, and attainable so we may continually assess progress and inform improvement strategies.

Join us for our first annual fundraising event!
Devon is looking for a permanent home

Devon is looking for a permanent home

Family Adolescents and Children Therapy Services (FACTS) affiliates with Nexus, expanding and strengthening programs serving Minnesota children and families.

Family Adolescents and Children Therapy Services (FACTS) affiliates with Nexus

Mille Lacs Academy 24th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Mille Lacs Academy 24th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

Nexus Names New Board Chair, Welcomes 5 New Board Members

Nexus Names New Board Chair, Welcomes 5 New Board Members

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Wayzata Middle School Shows Support for Kindred Family Focus

Wayzata Middle School Shows Support for Kindred Family Focus

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