Be the Difference in a Child’s Life

Be a Foster Parent

Have you ever thought about being a foster parent? Foster parents can be single, married, have children of their own, have no children, be grandparents, or hope to adopt. All you need is a bedroom for the foster child, a commitment to their safety, and the willingness to invest in their future.

We will help you succeed

with a team of professionals and specialized trainings that will teach you how to care for each child.

We will support you financially
with Kindred CARES and Woodbourne CARES, programs that offer licensing and retention bonuses, home and property damage reimbursements, special purchase allotments, activities allowance, mileage reimbursement, respite supplemental payment, and national conference scholarships.

The first step to becoming a foster parent starts with your call. We will help you complete the necessary forms, trainings, background checks, and home study assessment. After all the steps are successfully completed and you receive your license, we'll work with you to place a child in your home.

When you provide foster care or support those who do through Kindred CARES and Woodbourne CARES, you help strengthen the lives of youth and families in your community.

Call today to get things started.

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