Nexus Family Rights

We all have basic human rights. Your family also has certain rights while your child is in our care.

Your family has the right to:
  • Be free from bias, abuse, neglect, inhumane treatment, sexual exploitation, and harassment.
  • Access mental health services regardless of race, gender, age, ethnic origin, disability, spirituality or religious beliefs, marital status, sexual orientation, or criminal records that are unrelated to present dangerousness.
  • Refuse participation in research.
  • Refuse to have you or other adults in your family treated through our services, if you do not wish for treatment.
  • Contact state licensing, advocacy centers, or county personnel regarding your care or your child's care.
  • Confidentiality of records and information with the understanding that if you or your child discloses crimes that have been committed, or situations that involve physical, sexual, or emotional abuse that are unreported, the staff are mandated to inform the appropriate authorities immediately.
  • Be educated about your child's mental health needs, treatment, medications, restraint and seclusion policies, and treatment recommendations.
  • Be informed of who is paying for services or contact the payer.
  • Be informed of any services not included in the per diem rate and which are available at additional cost.
  • Be informed about the identity of any outside services your child receives.
  • Address concerns about individuals, staff, or the program through the proper channels or to present grievances to the referral source using their grievance procedure.
  • Have your legal rights upheld and be notified of any rights restrictions or violations against you or your child.
  • Not have services denied, reduced, suspended, or terminated for exercising any of your rights.

Devon is looking for a permanent home

Devon is looking for a permanent home

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