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Kindred CARES* for Foster Families (*Cash and Respite Enhancements Program) is a financial support program for foster parents who care for Minnesota boys and girls. The fund helps foster parents offer more life-enriching experiences and opportunities for the youth in their care.

The program also helps foster parents meet the specific challenges that come with being a foster parent.

  • Special Purchase Allotments: Sadly, some children come into foster care with only the clothes on their backs. The Kindred CARES fund helps foster parents purchase clothes, eyeglasses, medical equipment, and other necessities for the kids in their care.
  • Activities Allowances: Kids just want to be kids. Sports, summer camp, dance classes, music lessons — all cost money. Kindred CARES helps foster parents give the youth in their care the life-enriching experiences that all children deserve.
  • Licensing & Retention Bonuses: The need for foster parents has never been greater. Kindred CARES helps pay for bonuses that help us find and keep great foster parents.
  • Mileage Reimbursement: Youth in foster care often have to travel to therapy and to visit siblings, family, and relatives. Kindred CARES helps foster parents manage the added costs associated with travel for these meetings.
  • Home & Property Damage Reimbursement: Many foster youth have suffered trauma that can sometimes result in challenging behaviors. When a child acts out and damages property, Kindred CARES helps foster parents pay for the repairs.
  • Respite Supplemental Payments: Being any kind of parent is full-time work. When a foster parent must take time away from home, another licensed foster parent must temporarily take over their duties. It’s a big favor — and it can be difficult to find families who are willing to take on the added responsibility. Kindred CARES pays an added bonus to foster parents who offer respite care, providing an added incentive to help out a fellow foster parent.
  • National Conference Scholarships: Foster parenting requires lots of training and information. Kindred CARES helps pay for Kindred Family Focus foster parents to attend local and national conferences that give them training and skills for their very important work.

A Little Means So Much

Support Kindred CARES

  • $10 pays for...
    • Padlock for football locker
    • Baseball briefs
    • Goggles for science class
    • Ear buds for school
  • $25 pays for...
    • YMCA pass
    • Zoo pass
    • School year book
    • Lice treatment
    • Pain medication for a child who broke her foot while at a shelter
  • $50 pays for...
    • Painting and pottery classes
    • Basketball or baseball fees
    • Dance class fees
    • After school program
    • FFA Ski Trip
    • Hair braiding
    • Oxygen meter for ill child
    • Hospital parking fees for child’s daily radiation treatments
  • $75 pays for...
    • Figure skating lessons
    • ACT exam fees
    • Swimsuit, cap and goggles for Swim team
    • Purchase art book that published the child’s work
    • Babysitting training class
  • $100 pays for...
    • Football camp
    • Jazz/hip hop camp
    • New bicycle and helmet
    • Volley Ball fees
    • New track shoes, socks, shorts, shirt
    • Work uniform

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