Boys’ Group Home —
Programs for Boys Ages 14-18

The Onarga Acaemy’s Group Home provides a homelike environment for boys to complete their treatment, while getting ready to move back into the community. While at the Group Home, boys continue to address issues related to family, peer pressure dynamics, chemical use, technology challenges, vocational skills development, social skills development, independent living skills development, and healthy sexuality. Residents at the Onarga Academy group home participate in employment opportunities, as well as educational and extracurricular programs, both on campus and within the community.


Cornerstone Records

Youth Served: The Cornerstone Records Group Home addresses the needs of adolescent males, ages 14-18, who have completed an Onarga Academy residential treatment program, but who are not ready to step down to a family setting. These youth no longer demonstrate a sexual risk to the community, have shown an understanding of the dynamics related to their harmful sexual behaviors and abusive patterns, and have developed a comprehensive Relapse Prevention Plan.

Program Model/Services

  • The Onarga Academy Group Home, located in Onarga, Illinois, offers services that facilitate continued growth for youth during their final stages of treatment and prepares them for successful community living.
  • 9-bed group home
  • Private bedrooms for residents' safety
  • Family partnership in the treatment process
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Licensed, on-site, year-round, private school


  • The Onarga Academy Group Home is licensed by the Child Welfare Agency.

Referral Sources

  • Onarga Academy's treatment programs
  • Youth may also be referred directly from the community if they have successfully completed another treatment program that has prepared them for living safely and effectively within the community.

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