The Woodbourne School —
Specialized Therapeutic Education Services for Boys

The Woodbourne School provides therapeutic educational services to boys residing in the Woodbourne Residential Treatment Center and to students from the community who need a more specialized and intensive school program in order to be successful. The school also offers a Vocational Education Program that readies youth for employment.

The school offers a full schedule of classes and electives and is accredited by the Maryland State Department of Education. For every two Woodbourne students, there is one school staff member—equal to or better than many of the region's independent schools. As a result, teachers know each student very well and can design and carry out an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Boys leave the Woodbourne School with a greater understanding of academic subjects, as well as art, athletics, and technology. Equally important, boys learn appropriate behaviors to ease their transition back into community schools.


The Woodbourne School

Youth Served: Boys in treatment at Woodbourne Center, and male day students, ages 12-18, in grades 6-12, from the community. The school serves emotionally disabled students and students with a current IEP that supports a specialized education program.

Program Model/Services:

  • Experienced professional staff
  • Aggression Replacement Training (ART)
  • Community Restorative Justice (CRT)
  • Pre-vocational training
  • Content expert teachers
  • Behavior management/modification
  • Curriculum adapted from local school system for graduation credits
  • Video production studio
  • After-school initiative program
  • Certified Special Education teachers
  • Enhanced tutorial program
  • Speech and language services


  • Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) – Approved for full-day special education, partial-day education, and regular education

Referral Sources

     Maryland Public School Systems  Department of Juvenile Services  Department of Social Services

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