Q: How do I access your services?
A: Call the Crisis Line at 763-271-1681. A caring staff member is available 7 days a week 365 days a year.
Q: What form of identification do I need?
A: When you contact us you will just need to offer proof of residence in Wright County. This can be an identification card, piece of mail, a utility bill etc.
Q. Is the Crisis Nursery only for families with infants?
A. No, the Crisis Nursery serves families with children ages 0-17 years of age that are still living in the home.
Q: What if I don’t have transportation to come to the office for services?
A. The Crisis Nursery staff is trained to transport children and do home visits as needed.
Q. Will the Crisis Nursery take my children away from me if I contact them?
A. No, the Crisis Nursery services are confidential and our mission is to help families find the resources needed to navigate through crisis situations. However, the Crisis Nursery staff are mandated reporters and must call child protective services if they suspect child abuse or neglect.

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