If you are contemplating separation or divorce, Gerard Community Mental Health Services couples counseling can help you navigate the emotions and decisions that face your relationship.

Couples counseling can help when
  • Communication has fallen off
  • Resentments have built up
  • Attraction has waned
  • An affair has damaged the relationship
  • Mutual respect has dissolved

But couples counseling isn’t just for couples on the verge of divorce; there are many reasons to seek counseling that could be considered good relationship maintenance.

You might seek couples for some of the following reasons:
  • To strengthen your current relationship
  • To improve communication
  • To build healthy relationship dynamics
  • To address small troubles before they become large problems
  • To make extended family get-togethers more pleasant
  • To create a more harmonious home
  • To be better partners
  • To be better parents
  • To be better role-models
  • To rediscover mutual interests
  • To discuss frustrations and resentments
  • To help children accept a new partner

If you would like to explore what couples counseling can do for your relationship, give us a call.

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