Mille Lacs Academy
Holistic Approach to Unhealthy Sexual Behaviors

An individualized, trauma-sensitive, and holistic approach to identifying and targeting the causal factors relative to unhealthy sexual acting out, with and without accompanying intellectual disability.


Mille Lacs Academy evolved out of Nexus’ first service line, which treated unhealthy sexual behaviors in young adult men. In 1991, Mille Lacs Academy established an treatment facility in Onamia, MN, for adolescent boys’ unhealthy sexual behaviors. Today, Mille Lacs Academy treats young men from across the United States.


Mille Lacs Academy is a built-to-purpose residential site that sits on a 40-acres wooded lot in Onamia, MN. The site features a gym, rock-climbing wall, weight room, and pool and foosball table. Outside, there is a basketball court, baseball field, playground, and wooded trails. State parks are nearby, and offer our boys opportunities for camping, swimming, and winter fun.

Specialized Programming

Mille Lacs Academy’s residential programs are for boys, ages 10-19, who have significant mental health issues and unhealthy sexual behaviors, as well as sexually reactive behaviors.

In addition, these boys may have lower intellectual functioning (IQs from 55-70), pervasive developmental delays, and/ or other special needs. Some may also struggle with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Effect, Attention Deficit Disorder, Disruptive Behaviors, Impulse Control Disorders, and/or other Brain-Based Disorders.

Treatment interventions address sexually inappropriate or perpetrative behaviors, boundary issues, and the resolution of personal victimization issues. Individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, experiential and brain-based therapy, recreational and vocational programming, psychological assessment, psychiatric and medication monitoring, medical services, and independent living skills are all integral aspects of treatment. We treat each boy as an individual and recognize his unique needs and history.

Mille Lacs Academy Programs


  • Accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA)
  • Licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, with certifications for mental health and restrictive procedures
  • Sex-specific treatment certification from the Minnesota Department of Corrections
  • Medicaid-eligible

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