Helping Children and Families Heal from the Impact of a Traumatic or Stressful Event

Life can be complicated.

We get sick, divorced, move or separate from a loved one, have accidents, lose loved ones, witness violence, get bullied, and experience a host of other events in the course of our lifetime. Any of those experiences can cause traumatic stress.

Research suggests that more than half of all youth will experience a traumatic event by the age of 18, but these events can occur throughout our lives. When one member of a household is affected by a traumatic or stressful event, the whole family may feel the impact.

There is Great Hope

At the PATH Trauma and Stress Clinic, we can help. Our team of licensed therapists is specially trained in treating traumatic stress with evidence-based, trauma-focused therapy.

We understand that everyone needs a little help, now and then.

Let us help.

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